Sharing Sunday with the easy riders

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I’d taken one of my usual Sunday walking routes and zigzagged my way through the woods, which I had almost to myself. Well me and the many other lives for whom those woods are home. The sun shone, the air was soft and warm for October, the leaves varying colours from green to deep red, the stream recovered from its summer sluggishness. All this, by the way, just to account for my relaxed, unhurried walking on the return route beside the stream.

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As I came to the little road that crosses the stream, a motorcyclist came along and I stopped to let him pass. I am sometimes disturbed by motorcycles, particularly cross-bikes, shattering the peace of the countryside with screaming motors but this one was almost purring and, like I say, I was pretty relaxed. I felt rather than saw or heard that he was the first of a group, so I just leaned my back up against the balustrade of the bridge, looking out at the water on the other side and waited for them to pass.

It was a small group, a good hundred meters behind the leader.  The last one to pass raised his hand in greeting. Maybe he was thanking me for waiting but it was pretty obvious I could have safely strolled across before they got there, so I think it was more an acknowledgement of my acknowledgement of their existence and their right to share in that beautiful Sunday. And that moved me. Our pleasure in the Sunday was increased by that moment of contact.

It made me think of Abeba Birhane’s article Descartes was Wrong: ‘a person is a person through other persons’ and her work on dialogism. And of Gregory Bateson on Mind. And because that matters, matters a lot, I thought this little blog was worth posting.




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